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EU and UK Resident Request Form

Under the General Data Protection Regulation, EU and UK residents have certain rights in their personal data. In our role as a Controller, this includes the right to:

  • understand the personal data we collect about you, how and where we collect it and the purposes of collecting and processing it
  • access the personal data we hold about you and confirm why we process it
  • to correct errors in personal data we hold about you, or complete incomplete data
  • to object and request that we stop processing your personal data
  • to request that we restrict how we process your personal data
  • to request that we erase the personal data that we hold about you

Further details on these are set out at, including details of exemptions that mean that we do not have to action your request (either completely or in part).

Remember, if your personal data is sent, shared or stored using our services, you may need to make a similar request to the relevant third-party as we may not be the Controller of that data.

How to exercise your rights

To simplify the process we have created this webform (however you can also make a request to us verbally or in writing).

Please note:

  • we generally won’t charge a fee however we do reserve the right, in line with regulatory guidance, to either charge you a reasonable fee for complying with your request, or to refuse to comply with it, if it is clearly unfounded, repetitive or excessive.
  • we’ll respond to legitimate requests within one month (starting the date we receive it). It may take longer if your request is particularly complex or you’ve made a number of requests in which case we’ll notify you and keep you updated.
  • we may need to request information from you to help us confirm your identity and ensure your right to access the personal data.

Information we need from you to respond to your request

Your request


Following receipt of your request, we may reach out to you to take reasonable steps to verify your identity. We will use the information that you provide here for this purpose.

By clicking submit below:

  • you confirm the information you’ve provided is correct and that you're the person it relates to.
  • you authorise us to process your personal data to enable us to review our systems, collate our response and communicate with you. We’ll keep a record of the information you provide to evidence our compliance with your request.
  • you understand we may need to request further information from you in order to verify your request.